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In good company, time often flies quickly. Most of the time, unfortunately, much too quickly.
Therefore it is important to pay attention to sufficient hydration. We surley don't offer only water, but also the most exquisite drinks and cocktails from all over Eorzea.
Just sit down and let yourself be enchanted by the most delicious liqour varieties you will ever taste.

Alcoholic Drinks

"The Bliss"
A Drink that is the Essence of Bliss and the Love of the Far Eastern.

White Moon Sake and the Black Diamond are the Main Ingredients, Dragon Fruit and Mangosteem Juice with a bit of Syrup.

Moonshine Sake

Blessed by the Moon herself. This Sake is a Secret Recipe of Bliss, and only the Bartenders know of its exact Process to brew it. Up for a Sip from this Sake?

Black Diamond

A Dark Whiskey from the Far East that Burns down the Throat, combined with Yuzu and a Single Drop of Creme de Cacao makes this Truly strong with nearly 84%

Standard Alcohol

Beers, Shots, Wines of your choice and wish, we have it all!

Off Menu Cocktails
Bartender Trademark

Ask the Bartenders on shift for the Special Drink that they exclusively offer

4000 Gil

4000 Gil

4000 Gil

4000 Gil

2000 Gil

5000 Gil

d20 shot roulette

Roll a 20-sided die. The number decides your drink.

5000 Gil

1. Sour Loser!

Pickle Water, Mint Toothpaste, Spicy Vodka and Sausage Water

2. Hellfire

Sprinkles of Chilli Sauce, Sourpuss and Surströmmig Water

3. Sticky Trap

Super sticky Maple syrup, mixed with Liquour43, and crumbles of Knoppers sprinkled on top for an extra crunch

4. Bitter Flavour

Bacardi, Cola, 2 Drops of Dark Rum and some Sourpuss

5. Warm Welcome

Absinth, whiskey, Vodka, black pepper and Chilli Syrup

6. Sakura Breeze

Malibu, Cola, Sakura liquer and Apple Juice

7. Spicy Entrance

Vodka, Energy, Sake and Spicy Sauce (BEWARE HOT!)

8. Feline Delight

Milk, Licor 43, Cream and some Ice

9. Dragon Flight

Sakura Liquer, White Sake, Asian whiskey and 2 drops Dragon Juice

10. Short Rest

Decaffeinated Coffee with Almond Milk, and a small drop of Dobbelcorn

11. Power Up!

10 year casked Whiskey, Energy and Sourpuss

12. Dommy Mommy

Rosemary infused Gin, Liquer 43 and Lime Sugar Cranberry Juice

13. Tropical Shine

Iced peach Liquer, Whiskey, Apple Juice

14. Dancing Beauty

Bailey's, Malibu, Milk and a single Creme de Cacao!

15. Gold & Diamonds

Moonshine Sake, Black Diamond, Creme de Menthe and Goldschläger

16. Fire Spitter

Fireball Whiskey, Crown Royal Apple Whiskey, Grenadine and ice

17. High Elder

Malibu, Blue Curacao, creme de Cacao and Choko Milk

18. Rising High

Sourpuss, Gin, Tonic, Fireball and Moonshine (self brewed)

19. Close Call

Goldschläger, Moonshine, Sake, and Whiskey, topped with Ice


A Drink made from the Secret Recipe, and every Recipe is Unique to the bartender that is serving you! So let yourself be Surprised!

If you're lucky enough to roll a 20, you'll win a prize of 100k Gil

If you get too drunk...

... we will sweep your body under the bar after you pass out, possibly laugh at you and draw on your face with a marker. (It might be a Penis) Drink responsibly, or wake up with stupid things drawn on your face.

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