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BLISS partners

As Bliss continues to evolve and grow, so do our avenues for partnering up with other venues, communities & more. Below you'll find a list of the venues, DJs, communities & content creators that we've chosen to partner up with to provide the absolute best, top quality experiences you've come to expect from us.

endless nights

Endless Nights Events is -the- place to be for all things community-related within Final Fantasy XIV. We provide a community and a hub for creative minds to share their passions and hobbies in many forms, most of which derived from or taking place within the game itself. Ranging from player-created Community Events, to content creators such as livestreamers and graphic designers, and even skilled live-mixing DJs, we aim to offer a space and a home to everything you can imagine within Final Fantasy XIV.

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DJ Nynu

Our Resident DJ, Best Cat- Nynu

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The Menagerie

Location: Light - Lich - Goblet - Ward 19, Plot 29 & Light - Raiden - Shirogane - Ward 8 - Plot 31 (Ryokan)

If you follow the sounds of a trickling stream, nestled and hidden within the quiet glow of the Goblet, you will find The Menagerie – a uniquely immersive RP venue. A small piece of Kugane within the heart of Thanalan hosted by exclusive 'Geisha' and 'Oiran'. Escape to a place of beauty, where you will be taken care of, and leave with a sense of peace.

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seventh circle

Seventh Circle

Location: Light - Zodiark - Empyreum - Ward 12, Plot 12

Welcome to hell. Seventh Circle is a Metal/Industrial-focused nightclub themed around the 9 circles of Hell from Dante's "Inferno". Our aim is to provide you with not only great music and a hell of a party, but also an RP experience that's as casual or as immersive as you want it to be.

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Location: Light - Odin - The Goblet - Ward 17 - Plot 43


We are pink and we love music! We love to entertain and we love to spend quality time with all guests who visit our club. We offer several exciting Services and we give our best so everyone feels entertained and comfy. Come and socialize with us.
Listen to good music, have a drink at the Bar, book one of our Cherries, enjoy the Show of our Mascotsm try your luck at gambling or just chat to one of our Fairies. See you at Arclight!

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seventh haven

Seventh Haven is a European Discord community for roleplayers and those who are interested in that scene!
Any level of experience and roleplaying style and activity are welcome!

Raiden - Goblet - Ward 2 - Plot 11

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Booli Squad

One of EU's best DJ Teams in FFXIV. You need a top quality DJ? Go message Syra and secure a DJ for your venue. The team consists of: Minai, Nynu, Laarie, Miyu & Kari

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azura stargazer

Azura Stargazer

Description: Jumping puzzle designer, speedrunner and compulsive climber focused on spreading the parkour religion around Eorzea.
Venue: House of Madness
Location: Light - Lich - The Goblet - Ward 12 - Plot 14

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Need a DJ? Just send a Message to Lumixiv in discord! All our DJ's are focused on nice Music, variation of JWJ, Erto, Crowny, Gaia, Sanmirki & ReMizum, so a lot of Genres are available!

  • Discord
The Glitch

The Glitch

Location: Light - Shiva - Mist - Ward 29 - Plot 45

Open: Every other Thursday - 7pm ST

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