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Here you'll find previews of every photobooth available inside of our Photostudio. We hope you find the environment you're looking for within our studio, and don't forget, if you post any content to instagram, please use the hashtag #ffxivblissstudio so we can find & like your work!

Thank you very much for using our studio! We highly appreciate it!

Eastern Photobooth
2023-04-17_20-03-09_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Romance Photobooth
2023-04-17_20-08-37_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Haunted Thoughts
2023-04-17_20-13-33_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Cozy Cottage
2023-04-17_20-17-16_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Abyss Photobooth
2023-04-17_20-24-11_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
D20 Photobooths
2023-04-17_20-04-58_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
2023-04-17_20-10-03_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Hobbit Photobooth
2023-04-17_20-15-32_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Saloon Photobooth
2023-04-17_20-22-26_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Synthwave Photobooth
2023-04-17_20-25-22_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
The Seasonal Photobooths
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