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private rooms

Here you can find some previews of all of our private rooms within the club. If you've ever wondered what our chambers look like, and have hesitated in the past to book any services due to not knowing what kind of rooms are on offer, fear not! Now you can view all of our rooms and see if anything fits the mood!

Note: If the room you'd like is already booked, feel free to choose another one and our staff will let you know if it's free.

Modern Fantasy
2023-04-17_20-35-18_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Tsukuyomi's Chambers
Panorama Dreams
2023-04-17_20-42-10_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Modern Luxury
2023-04-17_20-48-40_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Dark Desires
2023-04-17_20-51-48_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Modern Delight
2023-04-17_20-36-50_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Cabin in the Woods
2023-04-17_20-40-24_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Eastern Splendor
2023-04-17_20-44-25_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Eastern Bliss
2023-04-17_20-50-47_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
Cozy Blossom
2023-04-17_20-53-15_PROJECT CRYSTAL Gameplay.png
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