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For all our guests who want to stand out from the crowd and shine in their own individual light, we offer our VIP service, which gives exquisite and special bonuses to our guests, elevating the experience to a whole new level!

- In case of a queue at the gates, you'll be granted instant access to the venue
- 30-minute early entry, and a priority entry for the entire night should we ever hit capacity
- 50% Discount on all available items from our bar (Excludes Full Moon / Bar Buyout)
- 20% Discount on all available photography services
- Full access to the upstairs VIP lounge for the entire night & including after closing.
- The possibility of a private dance in our VIP Lounge, at a reduced rate of 75,000 Gil/30 Minutes

200,000 Gil Pre-Opening booking

300,000 Gil Post-Opening booking

VIP Prices per night

VIP+ 350.000 Gil Pre-Opening booking

VIP+ 450.000 Gil Post-Opening booking

*The VIP status holds for a single opening. As soon as the evening is over, access to all service related benefits ends! (feel free to stick around in the VIP Lounge, just relax)
- NOTE: Standard VIP status can also be obtained via boosting the discord (lasts for the duration of your boost)

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