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Event Details

It's the start of a new glorious week, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Adventurers travelling the lands and having a good time. Now what could be a better way to end your Tuesday night by visiting us and partying until late into the night. Indulge in your carnal desires with one of our Blossoms, or simply be captivated by the flashy lightshows provided by our Sakuras, or perhaps just head on over to our bar and grab yourself a cold, refreshing drink. What you do is up to you, we're just here to provide the vibes, and the party environment.


Our DJ lineup for the night is a real treat for the ears, we have the loveable Shuji starting us off, who will also be live before we open doing a charity stream for Make A Wish & Games for Love, so if you could all go and show some support, we'd REALLY appreciate that.

After the mashup queen finishes up, we have Fabo & Nynu providing the beats for the rest of the night, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibes.


If you prefer to take risks, head on over to our gambling table opposite the bar, now hosted by Phoenix Nights. What kind of gambling awaits you? Blackjack ofcourse. Is lady luck in your favour? You'll have to come find out

Your dealer for the night will be: TBD

Max Bets: 1M


All services & VIP can be prebooked via our discord in the pre-booking channel.




Shuji ~ 6pm till 8pm ST 

Fabo ~ 8pm till 10pm ST 

Nynu ~ 10pm till 11.30pm ST/Open End 

Bliss started out as a Nightclub in March 2022, since then our team has grown & expanded, and we've grown rather​ ambitious. We've been slowly expanding, as seen with our Photostudio. Over time, more & more will be added to our ever growing list of venues.

Bliss aims to be your hub for Roleplay, Clubbing, Social Activities & More. Over the course of 2023 we'll be unveiling our grand vision, we're excited to be able to share it with you all. 

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