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Event Details

Welcome trainers new & old, it's time for a very special event! We're proud to announce our take on a full themed pokemon night. We're pleased to present:

Pokemon: Lavender League!

Oh do we have a real treat for you. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to experience Pokemon in FF? Well now you can. We're bringing you a collab between Bliss, The Foxden, Arclight, Dracarys & Booli Squad to give you all a night filled with Pokemon related activities. We have 4 feature-filled gyms, designed to look as close to actual gyms from the games as we can possibly create...


There's something lurking in the bushes.. is that.. the nefarious Team Rocket? What're they doing here?! They must have something up their sleeve. While we don't know their intentions, they may be here to observe, or even compete, but stay on your toes and keep your guard up, as anything is possible when they're around.


What can you find in these gyms? A variety of roleplay oriented activities. Gym Leader battles, fun facts, quizzes and more. Can you defeat all of the gyms and earn yourself some sweet badges? You're going to have to come on down and find out! This is an extremely limited time event, and we currently have no plans to repeat it. If you miss out, that's it, your chance is gone!


As with any league - Our friendly Nurse Joys will be on hand to help your Pokemon recover all through their trials at our specially designed Lavender Pokemon Center

DJ Lineup:

Laarie ~ 5pm till 6pm ST

 Shuji ~ 6pm till 7pm ST 

Nynu ~ 7pm till 8pm ST

Fabo ~ 8pm till 9pm ST 

Kari ~ 9pm till 10pm ST

Minai ~ 10pm till 11pm ST 

Pyroxius ~ 11pm till 12am ST 

Astromancy ~ 12am till Open End 

Bliss started out as a Nightclub in March 2022, since then our team has grown & expanded, and we've grown rather​ ambitious. We've been slowly expanding, as seen with our Photostudio. Over time, more & more will be added to our ever growing list of venues.

Bliss aims to be your hub for Roleplay, Clubbing, Social Activities & More. Over the course of 2023 we'll be unveiling our grand vision, we're excited to be able to share it with you all. 

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